Anselm Oelze: Pandora

Anselm Oelze

fiction, new


Four strangers are in crisis: Writer David Rubens has been abandoned by his wife and child. Teacher Telmo Schmidt is being blackmailed by his students. Astronomer Jurij Bogić is struggling with his father’s past whereas ethnologist Carline MacPherson is struggling with the future of humanity. All of them are confronted with one question: how can you know what’s right and still do the wrong thing?. Their fates intertwine until finally it grows clear how the evils of Pandora can be transformed into something healing – and an unexpected meeting in the South American rain forest takes place.

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»A multifaceted, complex work.«
Andreas Schröter / Ruhr Nachrichten

»After just a few pages, the book has an incredible pull. […] One of the absolute book highlights of the coming year!«
Matthias Kesper / Thalia

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