Anna-Elisabeth Mayer: Age of Chalk

Anna-Elisabeth Mayer
Age of Chalk

fiction, new

»I'm already sick of the future«

When Martha Kopetzky receives the e-mail from the Ministry of Education, she is aghast. The Board wants introduce the digital learning system CITE (Creative Intelligence through E-Learning), which will from now on monitor the students as they learn and award them points, depending on their performance. What starts with one complaint email soon turns into full-fledged political activism: Martha tries to prevent the use of CITE with a petition and kicks up a lot of dust. After all, she has no intention of abandoning the children to the tech giants without a fight. But Anatol Penzel, who is responsible for the Ministry of Education, is also starting to have doubts about the new program. Thus, the initial opponents become more and more entangled with each other, driven by the common rebellion against a deeply digitalised world.
Extremely entertaining and with biting irony, Anna-Elisabeth Mayer tells a story about the coexistence of man and machine in our brave new world.


»Anna-Elisabeth Mayer develops her rich world of narration straightforwardly and without much ado. In her precise prose she plays effortlessly with known genres and at the same time debates great questions of mankind.«
Reinhard Priessnitz Prize / The Jury

»Mayer keeps pointing out the difference between thinking and acting, revealing the conflicting interplay between the inner and outer world of her characters.«
Björn Hayer / der Freitag on At Heaven‘s Edge

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