Andrea Simmen: The Dog Who Got Snowed In

Andrea Simmen
The Dog Who Got Snowed In



A little girl moves to the Ticino. Living with her in the huge old mansion with all its nooks and crannies are thirty-one relatives. There is a never-ending round of cleaning, mending, fixing; walls are put up and then pulled down again, grandmothers come to visit, friends move in and make themselves at home, and all this against a constant backdrop of cooking and laughter. In short, it is a completely new and thrilling experience for a city child.

Andrea Simmon tells the story of a childhood that, in retrospect, seems like a series of never-ending summers. The air is filled with fragrance, warmth and beauty. And in the setting of this idyllic childhood summer, the author lets her heroine comment with oblique wry humour on all the little foibles of the adults.


»Sumptuously, Simmen draws everything out, the scent, the feelings, it's a perfectly rounded piece of work with lots of comic elements.«
Der Tagesspiegel

»Her delicate words settle like snow crystals on one another.«