Alexandru Bulucz: What Parsley Knows About the Soul

Alexandru Bulucz
What Parsley Knows About the Soul

poetry, new

100pp (15,000 words)

In this volume of poetry, Alexandru Bulucz has written a book full of encounters. Assuming that a generational, geographical and cross-cultural share in other people cannot succeed without an attempt at self-discipline, the poet converts individual and collective memories into short and long poems featuring long lines. He archives reminiscences, and explores issues of separation and sorrow, gratitude and religion, as well as the existential dimensions of culinary and digestive metaphors.

These are poems that emerge out of narrative structures, sometimes humorous, sometimes ironic or bitter, sometimes telling stories, sometimes metric or rhythmic – like the sounds of orthodox monks beating wooden gongs with wooden hammers while improvising their calls to prayer.

»Alexandru Bulucz’s voice is capable of casting aside the old resentments and small anxieties of the present, opening new spaces for poetry to resonate: he begins with art, folds in life, and ends with art.«
Paul-Henri Campbell, Volltext


»Language-obsessed poetry that explores the origin of words, their historicity and affinity with other words.«
Darmstadt Book of the Month

»A noteable exception among contemporary poetry publications.«
Sebastian Schmidt, Fixpoetry