about us

Celebrating 25 years of independent publishing 

»Pairing keen sense with unbowed curiosity, Schöffling & Co. continuously retrieves and supports authors for almost a quarter-century now.« 

The Jury of the Kurt Wolff-Prize

In fall 1994, the newly founded Schöffling & Co. Verlagsbuchhandlung in Frankfurt published its first catalogue. It consisted of six books, among them works by Burkhard Spinnen and Klaus Modick, and Karen Usborne’s comprehensive biography of Elizabeth von Arnim. 

Until its 25th anniversary in 2019, Schöffling & Co. has published more than 400 titles by more than 140 authors. Our list of German fiction includes renowned and established names like Guntram Vesper and Ror Wolf as well as contemporary voices like Mirko Bonné, Sascha Reh and Maike Wetzel. Authors in translation include David Albahari, Jami Attenberg, Joshua Cohen, Miljenko Jergović and Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

Another important part of our publishing portfolio are our rediscoveries of modern classics with a unique focus on German and European history from the 1920s to World War II and the post-war years – Gabriele Tergit, Horst Krüger and Silvia Tennenbaum, to name only a few of those voices that deeply resound in our present.

We’re proud to work with and for our authors, and with so many wonderful literary publishers and professionals all over the world.  


Thank you for sharing our beliefs and our books !