Silke Scheuermann

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Silke Scheuermann

Silke Scheuermann, born in 1973, lives near Frankfurt am Main. She studied Drama and Literature in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Paris. Her poems, short stories and novels have won her a number of scholarships and awards and her work has been translated into various languages. She was a member of the Jury of the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award and held a Poetics lectureship in Wiesbaden.

Awards (selection)

Leonce and Lena Prize
Hermann Hesse Award for Emerging Talent
Scholarships at Casa Baldi, Villa Aurora, Villa Massimo
New York-Scholarship of the German Fund for Literature
ZDF aspekte Literature Prize
Grimmelshausen Award for Emerging Talent
George Konell Prize
Droste Award for Emerging Talent
Scholarship of the Arts and Culture Trust Baden-Wuerttemberg
Hölty Poetry Prize
Hausach writer-in-residence
Bertolt Brecht Prize
Robert Gernhardt Prize
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Prize

Titles by Silke Scheuermann

Silke Scheuermann, Rich GirlsSilke Scheuermann, What We Lived OnSilke Scheuermann, The Hour Between Dog and WolfSilke Scheuermann, Winter Has Come OvernightSilke Scheuermann, Shanghai PerformanceSilke Scheuermann, Other People's HousesSilke Scheuermann, The Day the Seagulls Sang in Two-Part HarmonySilke Scheuermann, Sketches of GrassSilke Scheuermann, And I Asked The Bird – Lyrical Moments