Ror Wolf

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Ror Wolf

Ror Wolf, born in 1932, is, besides Thomas Bernhard and Arno Schmidt, one of the most idiosyncratic and prominent authors of German Literature after 1945. He is also a master of fine arts and has created a vast opus of surrealistic collages. His radio dramas count among the most successful of German radio plays.

Awards (selection)

Marburg Literature Prize
Bremen Literature Prize
Heimito von Doderer Prize
Rhineland-Palatinate Regional Prize
Main Prize of the Bavarian Academy of Arts
Kassel Literature Prize for Grotesque Humor
Friedrich Hölderlin Prize
Georg K. Glaser Prize
Günter Eich Prize
Schiller Memorial Prize

Titles by Ror Wolf

Ror Wolf, Continuation of the ReportRor Wolf, December's Suddenly Creeping-In ColdRor Wolf, Hans Waldmann's AdventuresRor Wolf, In a State of Expanded CalmRor Wolf, News From the Inhabited WorldRor Wolf, Pfeifer’s TravelsRor Wolf, Pilzer and PelzerRor Wolf, Raoul Tranchirer's Observations on SilenceRor Wolf, Raoul Tranchirer’s Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers in Three VolumesRor Wolf, Raoul Tranchirer’s Notes from a Cut-Up LifeRor Wolf, The Advantages of DarknessRor Wolf, The Dangers of the Great PlainRor Wolf, The Poems (Die Gedichte)Ror Wolf, Two or Three Years Later: Forty-nine DigressionsRor Wolf, Various Ways of Losing One’s Peace of Mind