Reinhard Kaiser

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Reinhard Kaiser

Reinhard Kaiser, born in 1950, lives as translator, editor and author in Frankfurt/Main and won the Ernst Maria Ledig-Rowohlt Award for Translation.
He has published a number of novels and another most succesful Holocaust related title, KÖNIGSKINDER.


Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt Prize for Translation
Lower Rhine Literature Prize
Geschwister Scholl Prize
German Youth Literature Prize
Wilhelm Merton Prize for European Translation
Grimmelshausen Special Award for Literary Translation
Wilhelm Merton-Prize for European Translation
Brothers-Grimm-Prize of the Town of Hanau

Titles by Reinhard Kaiser

Reinhard Kaiser, »Let This Child Live«. The Writings of Helene Holzman 1941-1944Reinhard Kaiser, Paper KissesReinhard Kaiser, Eos' DesireReinhard Kaiser, Incredible Rescue. The Search for Edwin GeistReinhard Kaiser, Childish