Nadja Küchenmeister

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Nadja Küchenmeister

Nadja Küchenmeister was born in 1981 in Berlin. She studied German Literature and Sociology in Berlin and at the Deutsche Literaturinstitut in Leipzig. Her poems have been widely anthologized and translated.


Scholarship by the Cultural Foundation of Saxony
Scholarship by the Senate of Berlin
Hermann Lenz Scholarship
Mondsee Poetry Prize
Ulla Hahn Prize
Stahl Literature Prize
Rainer Malkowski Advancement Award
Bremen Literature Advancement Award
Horst Bingel Award
Residency at Villa Concordia, Bamberg
Basler Poetry Prize

Titles by Nadja Küchenmeister

Nadja Küchenmeister, All the LightsNadja Küchenmeister, Under the Juniper TreeNadja Küchenmeister, In the Glass Mountain