Mirko Bonné

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Mirko Bonné

Mirko Bonné, born 1965 in Tegernsee, lives in Hamburg. Besides translations of, among others, Sherwood Anderson, Robert Creeley, E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, John Keats, Grace Paley and William Butler Yeats, he has published several novels, volumes of poetry, travel journals and essays. For his work he has received many awards and was listed twice for the German Book Prize.

Awards (selected):

Wolfgang Weyrauch Award
Ernst Willner Prize
New York-Scholarship of the German Fund for Literature
French Prix Relay du Roman d'Evasion
Ernst Meister Lyric Award for Emerging Talent
Marie-Luise Kaschnitz Award
Rainer Milkowski Prize
Residencies at the Villa Concordia (Bamberg), Aargauer Literaturhaus (Lenzburg)
Writer-in-residence in Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Melbourne


Titles by Mirko Bonné

Mirko Bonné, The Ice-Cold HeavenMirko Bonné, The Republic of Silver FishMirko Bonné, As We DisappearMirko Bonné, A Slow FallMirko Bonné, Excursion with CerberusMirko Bonné, TraklparkMirko Bonné, Night No MoreMirko Bonné, Tierra del FuegoMirko Bonné, Brighter than the DayMirko Bonné, Lashes and AshesMirko Bonné, Sealand SnowlandMirko Bonné, All The Stars Uncounted