Markus Orths

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Markus Orths

Markus Orths, born in 1969, studied Philosophy, French and English Literature and lives as an author in Karlsruhe. For his novels and short stories he has received various awards.


Sir Walter Scott Prize
Floriana Prize
Limburg Prize
North Rhine-Westphalia Award
Marburg Literature Award
Moerser Literature Prize
Heinrich Heine Scholarship
Lower Rhine Literature Prize
Winner of the Berlin open mike contest
Telekom Austria Prize
Fantasy Prize of the City of Wetzlar
German Science Fiction Prize

Titles by Markus Orths

Markus Orths, CorpusMarkus Orths, Who Walks Where Behind the Coffin?Markus Orths, The ChambermaidMarkus Orths, The Staff RoomMarkus Orths, CatalinaMarkus Orths, Escape AttemptsMarkus Orths, FigmentsMarkus Orths, The Magic CapMarkus Orths, Enough`s EnoughMarkus Orths, Alpha & Omega