Maike Wetzel

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Maike Wetzel

Maike Wetzel was born in 1974 and works as a writer and screenwriter in Berlin. She studied at the Munich Film School and in the UK. Her debut novel, ELLY, won the Robert Gernhardt Prize and the Martha Saalfeld Prize.

Her short stories have been translated into numerous languages and received multiple awards.


Debut Prize of the Literaturwerk Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar
Robert Gernhardt Prize
Martha Saalfeld Prize
Alfred Döblin Scholarship by the Academy of the Arts, Berlin
Gerhard Beier Prize
Bavarian State Prize for Literary Newcomers
Script Award from the Bavarian Theatre Academy
Writer in Residence in Wellington (New Zealand), Pécs (Hungary), Liverpool & Lancaster (UK)
Residency at Hald Hovedgaard, Viborg/Denmark
Scholarships at the Villa Aurora (Los Angeles) and Villa Serpentara (Olevano Romano)

Titles by Maike Wetzel

Maike Wetzel, EllyMaike Wetzel, Distant Beloved