Juli Zeh

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Juli Zeh

born in 1974, has a doctorate in International Law, worked with the United Nations in New York and completed her studies in Creative Writing at the Institute for German Literature in Leipzig, where she also later taught. A member of the pen club she was among the small group of authors initiating the International Appeal: Writers Against Mass Surveillance.
Alongside writing novels, she has written several theatre plays, publishes widely in newspapers and magazines and is a frequent guest to talk shows and podium discussions on socially relevant topics. She held a Poetics lecture at Frankfurt University in 2013. Juli Zeh has won numerous awards, including the German Book Award (most successful debut), the International Per Olov Enqvist Award, the French Prix Cévennes for Best European Novel and the Thomas Mann Prize. Altogether her work has been translated into 35 languages. She lives in Brandenburg near Berlin together with her family.

Awards (selection)

Ernst Toller Prize
German Book Prize (most successful debut)
Bremen Literature Prize
Rauris Literature Prize
Caroline Schlegel Award
Friedrich Hölderlin Award for Emerging Talent
Per Olov Enquist Award
Prix des Cévennes
 for Best European Novel
Carl Amery Literature Prize
Gerty Spies Prize

Solothurn Literature Prize
Thomas Mann Prize
Fallersleben Prize

Titles by Juli Zeh

Juli Zeh, The Full Monty. Not a NovelJuli Zeh, Eagles and AngelsJuli Zeh, Even Silence Is a Sound. Travels through BosniaJuli Zeh, Gaming Instinct (Spieltrieb)Juli Zeh, A Dog Runs through the RepublicJuli Zeh, The Little Encyclopedia for Household DogsJuli Zeh, Gaming Instinct (stage version)Juli Zeh, SchilfJuli Zeh, Schilf (stage version)Juli Zeh, The Land of PeopleJuli Zeh, The Method (Corpus delicti)Juli Zeh, Decompression (Nullzeit)Juli Zeh, TreidelnJuli Zeh, Good Morning, Boys and GirlsJuli Zeh, At Night They Are Animals