Franziska Gerstenberg

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Franziska Gerstenberg

Franziska Gerstenberg, born in Dresden in 1979, studied at the Institute for German Literature in Leipzig. She was the co-editor of the literary magazine EDIT and has received numerous literary awards. Franziska Gerstenberg lives with her family in Dresden.


Lessing Award for Emerging Talent
Lower Saxony’s Award for Most Promising Writer
Heinrich Heine Scholarship
Hermann Hesse Award for Emerging Talent
Erostepost Literary Prize
Saxon Literature Prize
Scholarships at Casa Baldi and Villa Massimo

Titles by Franziska Gerstenberg

Franziska Gerstenberg, How Many BirdsFranziska Gerstenberg, Gifts Like TheseFranziska Gerstenberg, Play with HerFranziska Gerstenberg, So Long Ago, Hardly True AnymoreFranziska Gerstenberg, Although Everything is Over