Elsemarie Maletzke

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Elsemarie Maletzke

Elsemarie Maletzke, born in 1947, lives and works as a travel writer and author in Frankfurt am Main. She is also a specialist in English-language literature and an acclaimed biographer of female writers of the 19th/20th century, like Elizabeth Bowen and Jane Austen.

Titles by Elsemarie Maletzke

Elsemarie Maletzke, A Biography of Jane AustenElsemarie Maletzke, A Biography of The BrontësElsemarie Maletzke, Miss Burney Wears GreenElsemarie Maletzke, Elizabeth Bowen. A biographyElsemarie Maletzke, Garden HappinessElsemarie Maletzke, Poisonous GreenElsemarie Maletzke, The Magnolia Murder: A Garden MysteryElsemarie Maletzke, Agathe’s Dark Garden