Burkhard Spinnen

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Burkhard Spinnen

Burkhard Spinnen, born in 1956, received a PhD from Münster University and held several lectureships. Until 2014, he was Head of the Jury for the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Award at the Festival of German-Language Literature held annually in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Burkhard Spinnen has received many awards for his literary work. He lives in Münster with his family.

Awards (selection)

ZDF-aspekte Prize
Kranichstein Literature Prize
Adenauer Literature Prize
Oldenburg Children's Literature Prize
Herbert Quandt Media Prize
Lower Rhine Literature Prize
German Audio Book Award

Titles by Burkhard Spinnen

Burkhard Spinnen, Fat Man in the SeaBurkhard Spinnen, Cold DuckBurkhard Spinnen, The Great Rabbit Revenge PlanBurkhard Spinnen, Consolation and ReserveBurkhard Spinnen, Long SaturdayBurkhard Spinnen, The Black Ridge. The Story of the Mid-Sized Entrepreneur Walter Lindenmaier from LaupheimBurkhard Spinnen, Lego BricksBurkhard Spinnen, The Substitute GoalieBurkhard Spinnen, Dignity and StuffBurkhard Spinnen, The All RounderBurkhard Spinnen, Müller to the Third PowerBurkhard Spinnen, NevenaBurkhard Spinnen, Zacharias KatzBurkhard Spinnen, First Prize. Collected StoriesBurkhard Spinnen, The Book. An HomageBurkhard Spinnen, And All Without LoveBurkhard Spinnen, TailwindBurkhard Spinnen, Fipp, Vanessa and the fat cats