Bora Ćosić

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Bora Ćosić

Bora Ćosić, born in Zagreb in 1932, grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. Having worked as a journalist and editor of various literary magazines, he left the country in 1992 out of protest against the Milosevic-regime and later settled in Berlin. He is the author of some thirty novels, story collections and essays, including his acclaimed novel Die Rolle meiner Familie in der Weltrevolution (1969).
Ćosić is one of the last authors to describe his native language as Serbo-Croatian in a rejection of nationalist literature. Today he lives in Berlin and Rovinj.


Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding
Albatros Award of the Günter Grass Foundation
International Stefan-Heym Prize

Titles by Bora Ćosić

Bora Ćosić, A Brief Childhood in AgramBora Ćosić, Long Shadows in BerlinBora Ćosić, The Tutors