Foreign Rights



DIE HUNDE VON MONTPELLIER (The Dogs of Montpellier) by Anna-Elisabeth Mayer is shortlisted for the Austrian Alpha Award 2015.

 DAS ZIMMERMÄDCHEN (The Chambermaid), based on the bestselling novel by Markus Orths, will be screened at national arthouse cienemas from 28 May 2015.

NIE MEHR NACHT (Night No More) by Mirko Bonné is one of the six finalists for the German Book Prize (Deutscher Buchpreis) awarded for »Best Novel of the Year«. 

SPIELTRIEB by Juli Zeh comes to cinemas in October 2013. 

MÜLLER HOCH DREI by Burkhard Spinnen is ranked one of the »7 Best Books for Young Readers« on the Focus Favorites List.

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Polish editions of WAS DUNKELHEIT WAR by Inka Parei (published by Prószynski) and SPIELTRIEB by Juli Zeh (published by W.A.B.) have been nominated for the ANGELUS Central European Literature Award for outstanding contemporary fiction.

Gunther Geltinger’s debut novel MENSCH ENGEL has been shortlisted for the ’aspekte-prize’ for Best Debut, recognized as the most important first book award in the German language area.

DIE TOCHTER MEINES VATERS (My Father’s Daughter) by Mareike Krügel receives an Honorable Mention at the 2008 New York Book Festival.

Markus Orths has been selected to take part in the Klagenfurt literary competition for the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Award. He will read from his new novel DAS ZIMMERMÄDCHEN (The Chambermaid), up for publication in July 2008.

Markus Orths is the author of several prose works, among them the bestselling novel LEHRERZIMMER.

Film rights to SCHILF by Juli Zeh have now been optioned by X-Filme (»Run Lola Run«).

Burkhard Spinnen (most recent novel: MEHRKAMPF) is to head the Jury for the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Award at the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur, one of the most important literary events in the German-speaking countries held annually in Klagenfurt, Austria.

SCHILF by Juli Zeh plays at the Münchner Volkstheater in their 2007/2008 season (world stage premiere).

Film rights to Burkhard Spinnen’s award-winning young adult novel BELGISCHE RIESEN have been optioned by a renowned German production company.

Rights to the complete works of celebrated author and master of the bizzare element in contemporary literature Ror Wolf are now exclusively represented by Schöffling & Co.